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Granite is derived from the Earth's molten magma at extremely high temperature. As a result of this process, Mother Nature gives us this strong, beautiful, long lasting, and easy to care for stone. Because of their resistance to most acids and other caustic chemicals and easy maintenance, we highly recommend granite for kitchen counter tops and anyplace where there will be heavy foot traffic. Quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals present during its mixture forms into a durable stone called granite. 

Granite comes out polished from the manufacturers. Polished granite is shiny, glossy, and shows reflection of elegance. There are couple of methods we can apply to granite to suit one's need. For public or outdoor ramp, stair or floor, flamed granite is usually utilized for its attractive, non-slip and durability. Honed finish is another method used for area that requires slip resistance (e.g. shower floor, bathroom floor, sauna, etc.). Honed finish granite gets rid of the shiny polish texture because it is acid washed or sanded. 
Marble is created from heat, time, and pressure acting on sedimentary rock. People enjoy their wide range of beautiful, bright, and elegant colors that marble portrays. The beautiful array of colors results from minerals present during its formation. Please be aware that no two tiles or slabs will be the same. Like other natural stones, marble too will vary in their color, irregular markings, veins or fissure lines which are inherent in natural stone. To name a few, marble is ideal for vanity tops, living room floors, bathroom floors and walls and much more. But unlike granite marble is less durable and prone to stain if it is not well taken care of. This is why we do not recommend marble for kitchen counter tops or anyplace where routine maintenance will be hard to handle. Even laying a slice of lemon for some period of time will stain marble as a result of the citric acid. 
Limestone is sedimentary stone, formed on sea bottoms as silt and organic matter (plants, shells, fossils) settle in layers. As the layers increase, the effects of heat, pressure and time cement the sediment into limestone. Limestone regardless of temperature remains cool to the touch thus, ideal for swimming pool settings, floors, and counter tops. People who enjoy antiques will also love limestone. 
Travertine is created by hot springs, which dissolve the underlying rock, including limestone, and it forms on the surface inlayers as the water evaporates. The characteristic holes in travertine are caused by gas bubbles, trapped as the material hardens. Crosscuts are created when a block of limestone, travertine, or marble is cut across the vein rather than with it, giving a flowered look to familiar materials. Like all other stones, these will show a range or variation in color and pattern, and each tile or slab installation is unique. For the proper care of limestone and travertine, a routine sealing and maintenance program should be adhered to.
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